Seven Steps for a Quick Real Estate Sale

The longer a piece of property stalls, the greater threat it poses to your marketability and profit. There are 10 simple things you can do to enhance your home’s appeal, get warm bodies through the door and close the deal sooner rather than later.

1) Open houses

This is one of the most popular weekend activities. Letting people walk through your home – touching it, feeling it, picturing their children playing in your backyard – is a highly effective way to generate interest. However, an open house is only as effective as the traffic it generates. Without some other key home-selling strategies, you may find your open house events sorely disappointing.

2) Perks

Creativity is key in some areas where the housing market has peaked, leaving sellers at their wit’s end. Throwing in perks like a cash rebate disguised as a “decorator’s allowance” or homeowner’s association fees for a year can be very enticing. It can also be considerably cheaper than letting your property languish on the market, forcing you to slash the price. One of the standard incentives is to cover closing costs for the seller. When including perks, be mindful of the buyer’s perception. You don’t want to seem over-eager, because they will then question your motives and probably use that against you in price negotiations.

3) Hire the best

Hiring a good agent with years of experience and knowledge of the market and its current trends is crucial. For Sale By Owner properties are generally preyed upon by opportunistic investors who plan to flip the property and see this as a way to take advantage. If you don’t have the knowledge and the real estate savvy, get somebody on your side who does. Hiring a good agent will generally bring you a higher sale price, and is worth any commission you may have to pay out in the end.

4) Make a map

Just as real estate investors create a plan for their investments, sellers must map out their selling plan. What is a reasonable price for that market and how far would you be willing to come down off that price? Set a date on which you will reduce the cost if the home has not yet sold, as flexibility is key. A good agent should have the know-how to help you with mapping out your strategy.

5) Get organized

Cleaning out all your personal stuff can make a prospective buyer start viewing the home as their own. A clean, open, clutter-free space leaves room for imagination and creativity. Does your home have a wealth of storage space? Show it off by cleaning and organizing your closets and cabinets. Above all, make sure the home stays clean. Nothing kills a deal faster than seeing hairbrushes and dirty dishes lying around.

6) Get chic

An interior decorator with an eye for design can be your best friend. Their skills can entice buyers and help transition the house from “your home” to a “show home.” Spring for new end tables, pillows, decorating accessories, fresh paint on the walls and ceilings. You may even want to remove your old personal effects, such as family pictures. Small details like setting the dining room table as if you were about to host a dinner party can also help prospective buyers picture themselves in your home.

7) Professional photography

Just as professional models attract jobs by using professional photographers for their head shots, so should you give your home top-notch treatment. Quality photos of not just the exterior, but several different rooms on the interior, can enable prospective buyers to take a “virtual tour” of your home. Internet shopping is becoming increasingly popular as an essential step that precedes an actual home tour. It is important to gain interest up front with these photos, and a professional can help capture the true essence of your home. It is a worthwhile investment to drive up interest and foot traffic.

Author: Eric Bramlett (Eric Bramlett is the Broker and co-owner of One Source Realty in Austin Texas -

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