How To Sell Your House For More And Build A Better House For Less

My father always told me Real estate is a good investment because they do not make it anymore. Because real estate companies are so busy these days they will be thinking more of listing more homes than your welfare.

If you plan on selling and moving, you will need to take some simple steps to get the most money you can. Most Real Estate companies do a good job but in a sellers market you can probably sell your home yourself. Anyway, if you have the time it will not hurt to try.

Do not believe the radio ads with the exaggerated problems. If it does not sell then you can always call the pros in latter. The internet has been a blessing to the average person and it is getting better every day.

Not only can you sell many things you do not need anymore, you can even sell your home on the net. Thousands of people visit sites like this looking for a new home. Even if your home is with a Broker, you can still speed things along by putting low cost ads on the internet.

First, you need to get your home ready to show. Buyers like homes that are clean with as few of your things as possible lying around so it is time to do a spring-cleaning. Some big furniture may cost more to move than its worth so sell these things locally. You may want to buy new things later anyway.

Look around for small stuff you do not want and sell it on eBay. What is left is stuff you cannot live without or it is just junk. If you are not sure then ask your wife people, she will point out the junk to you.

Most people have collected too much stuff over the years and consider renting storage for a month or two and this is good. But let me tell you that long term storage is not worth it. The cost's can overrun the value of the items before you know it and you are still left with old things.

Clean out the garage and hose it down to get rid of dust and spider webs. Men like garages and want to picture their tools and things there. One of the best home improvements that dosen't cost a lot of money is pant, especially if you don't mind doing the labor.

Ever notice how guests always end up in the kitchen? Most people like kitchens and this is the first room to remodel or just clean and paint. The next most important room is the bathroom. Repair leaks, rust spots, and replace the little things that seem to get ugly over time. If you have pets make sure you don't have a cat litter box sitting around smelling up the place.

Homeowners get used to their own smells and cannot smell a thing but your visitors sure can! Big dogs scare some people (not me) and maybe it would be best to let Bruno visit Uncle Pete for a few weeks. After you finish with everything, invite some friends over for a party and get some feedback on how everything looks.

When everything looks good it is time to take some pictures. You need good clear pictures to post on the net and mail to interested buyers. If you are not experienced at photography, find someone that is.

Good photography takes years to learn and that is what you need now. I have tested photos of my products on eBay and believe me it makes a big difference. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

If you use a Real Estate broker, select one with lots of experience. I like the larger companies because they give you lots more exposure through their advertising and intercity referrals. Buyers trust them more also.

The small cut-rate company's may be slower to find a buyer and fix problems. When you are ready to move be careful to pick an honest moving company. Many of them have been holding truckloads of belongings and demanding more money. Pick one with a good reputation.

Building Another House And Saving Big

In the early 90s my family and I built our own home. No, we did not hire a contractor we did it ourselves in about a year. We saved a lot and you can also by doing most of the work yourself. I know what you are saying, It is a big project and you do not have the knowledge and time to do all that work.

My wife and son who was ten and myself while holding a full time job did almost everything but the concrete. There are companies on the net that offer the whole package and will help you every step of the way. One of these is Endeavor homes and there are others.

If you do not know something, you have to ask someone that does. I did not know plumbing at all so the local plumbing supply made a deal with me. Careful now, notice that I said local professional plumbing supply not Home Depot. They deal with pros and know everything about plumbing.

So get down there and ask. It is the same with electric. You must ask people who know in exchange for buying your supplies there and only professional suppliers know enough to help you. It is worth the little extra money for all that information.

I wish you wonderful success!

Author: Walter Minton (Walter Minton has a new one-stop travel center with research and articles on destinations.

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